First and foremost, Castellucci Napa Valley is a family business. It brings together our passions of Italian lifestyle and hospitality. Being so fortunate to live in the Napa Valley we are eager to share our values, lifestyle and cuisine.

Over the years, with each vineyard acquisition, we spent a lot of time repairing and restoring vineyards. With expert care, we slowly brought each vineyard to a totally new level. We believe there aren’t any shortcuts to creating a quality product. With superior vineyard sites, and meticulous attention to detail we have been able to produce first class fruit and build our reputation for quality.

We are sticklers for details. Throughout the vineyard and cellar, we take pride in ensuring that each are visually and functionally perfect.

Being a refined gentleman and a lover of fine products, our father knew what it would take to build this business, and taught us the importance of attention to detail.